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The Manor Lao Cai
The Manor Lao Cai locates on the key position make the transportation more convenient. It is only 1,5km to Lao Cai train station, 1 km to province clinic. And it takes 3 hours to go from Lao Cai to Ha Noi.

Suburban Zone 2 at Cam Duong is located at the gateway of Cam Duong Town which is the new administrative, political and commercial centre of Lao Cai Province. This is luxurious mixed-use complex bringing together residential, office, hotel, commercial buildings, and other facilities such as swimming pool, entertainment area, sports centre and kindergarten. As a whole, the project is creating a new lifestyle in this Northern Province in the shape of a fully-integrated community. This project is leading the way for the development of new urban areas of Lao Cai Province.
In addition to the modern architectural style, the project is designed with sustainable development in mind. Among 441 low-rise residential units, there are about 300 units designed with residential areas 2nd to 4th levels and retail area at ground level (Live – Work), which enables home house owners to open a retail store, or to sub-rent the space.
The project as a whole is designed as an open space which contains different parks. The areas between the towers and villas are for community activities including square, parks, and play yards for children and many green zones for people.
The plazas and fountains in the project reflect a European style while maintaining the cultural elements of Vietnamese ethnic groups in Lao Cai. The project is inspired by the image of terraced fields and the valleys in the Northern and Western areas of Vietnam.
With this project, the Bitexco Group aim to modernize lifestyle options with a completely integrated community, which is a first for a mountainous province in Northern Vietnam.

This project also includes many functions and Conviniences such as office, shopping mall, super market, luxury restaurants. All of these were designed and built carefully with many modern equipment to satisfy costumers’ needs.

Function and Facilities
Office: Office space is located at the front side of the township, is designed and constructed meticulously, and equiped by modern facilities, etc. It is an ideal choice for offices allocation.
Shopping Centre: A retail space that gathers popular international brands, promissing to attract great shopping traffic. Besides, as its advantage is closed by China border, the shopping centre might attract not only local retailers but also ones from China to rent space in here.
Fine dining restaurants: A diversified selection of international cuisins that will satisfy most of demands
Luxurious Apartments: In developed countries, living in apartments is the priority choice for statemen, business men. Therefore, Bitexco group has been aimed to develop this type of accommodation focusing to this target market
Town House: Town house is designed for young couple, provides conveniences for owners. Similarly to town villa, the ground floor of the house is able for rent, helps to bring an additional income for owner.
Town Villa: this two faced villa is designed with open spaces and a green garden. With the purpose to create financial benefit, the ground floor of town villa is able for rent out while it ensures to keep privacy for the rest of the villa. Besides, elegant and unique interior decoration creates a worth living space
Semi-Detached Villa: surrounded by green space. Interior decoration has luxurious, elegant design in a modern European architecture. 48 units of semi-detached villas will be an ideal choice for those who desire to experience a high-end living standard.
Detached Villa: High class, elegant, luxurious, charming are all about the ten detached villas. The public space within the detached villas includes swimming pool, a four season garden. Besides, each unit will also has another private swimming pool and garden. The interior decoration of the villa has excellent design. All of these features will provide a desired living space, filled with cool air, clean environment, green spaces, etc.

  • Location: Cam Duong Town, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province
  • Site area: 143,000 square meters
  • Gross construction area: 208,000 square meters (+/- 500 Flat Units Plus 441 Villas)
  • Scheduled construction period: From 2011 - 2014