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Vital Mineral Water Manufacturing
In 1996, with the approval from the People's Committee of Thai Binh province, BITEXCO decided to invest in Vietnam's foremost mineral water plant. It features state-of-the-art technology from Italy. Experts from FTD Italy, specialists in quality control and examination, helped Bitexco to establish a new mineral water brand, called "Vital". With a mindset focused at customers' benefit, each product and service provided by Vital is the result of hard work, creativity and enthusiasm. Vital always has product quality and customer satisfaction as its main brand values. Vital natural mineral water is bottled at the source in Dong Co, Tien Hai, in the province of Thai Binh. The production uses modern and automated technology from Italy and is supervised by foreign experts. The products are guaranteed to fully contain the mineral index, published and tested at FTD (Milan, – Italy)

In 2006, the country entered a period of global economical integration with the presence of many well-known brands in the local market. This is also the time that Vital Jsc officially was established. It determined to affirm its brand value as the most favorite mineral water in Vietnam, and also made a start conquering the international market. Besides continuing investing in machinery and equipment to improve and diversify its products, Vital also focuses on improving the quantity and quality of its workforce, while providing favorable working conditions for staff to develop their professional skills.

During 15 years of development, Vital is proud to be the number 1 choice for many political, economic, cultural and sports activities across the country. It was the chosen mineral water during the Tiger Cup (1998, 2000), the Congress of Southeast Asian Sport – Sea Game 22 (2003); APEC (2006), and most recently, the 1000 year Thang Long - Hanoi Festival (2010). In addition, it received awards voted for by consumers as the Top Ten Local Brand 2009, and the Viet Nam Trust & Use Awards 2009, organized by the Vietnam Economic Times. Vital is now a well-known brand, which proves its reputation as a healthy mineral water. This is a source of great encouragement for all staff at Vital.

While the year 2011 marks many changes in Vietnam, Vital is ready for the future, bringing the essence and vitality of the nation's abundant natural mineral water supplies to uphold BITEXCO 's mission "To continuously improve our company's values and best serve the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders". Looking back on 15 passing years of development and innovation, which is parallel to Vietnam's history of economic growth, Vital prides itself in producing one of the top products of Vietnam, which meets international standards and is trusted and used widely.
Vital launching new product - LEO in Ha Noi
On 10th June 2012, Vital Joint Stock Company (subsidiary member of BITEXCO Group) held the launching ceremony of the exciting new product with the brand “LEO” in Hanoi.
The first and the most important criteria that the lemon mineral water LEO ensures is the safety for health of consumers. This kind of product is made from natural ingredients without artificial colors. Not only added with Vitamin C, the lemon mineral water LEO is extracted from the natural mineral water, so it keeps good- for- health micro nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfate, bicarbonate, fluoride, etc. at a very reasonable amount as recommended by nutrition experts (under 1000mg/litre).
The lemon mineral water LEO targets the new generation who are young, energetic and attracted by new things. In the 1st period of launching this product, Vital JSC introduces three kinds of lemon mineral water LEO with three different tastes that the young people like: the fresh lemon mineral water, salted lemon mineral water and passion mineral water. All are bottled in PET with the modern design for the convenience.
For over the past 15 years of development, Vital has established its credibility in the marketplace, got the confidence and support from consumers with products of carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water. On the occasion of LEO launching, Vital sends their gratitude to numerous customers, and is committed to continuously serve better the demand of consumers.